Since marriage is a heavenly union which brings two souls together. It is advisable to begin and celebrate this new phase of life in loving togetherness and privacy so that they are able to understand each other and build a bond for life and strong base for strong and stable relationship for lifetime. Since the initial days of marriage are crucial for any newly wed couple, it is important to go to some secluded place where they can spend unending carefree moments of love amidst romantic surroundings.

Common Honeymoon Mistakes

These are some of mistakes commonly committed by the honeymoon couples! It would be advisable not to make them:

Not booking a double bed room - You may be surprised but lots of couples don't make bookings for double bed, which is very important while making reservations in hotels, especially when traveling abroad.

Making reservations for an early morning post wedding - In case there is a wedding reception which will prolong into night, it is quite difficult to stay awake and catch the morning flight. But a later flight would be helpful as you can catch up on sleep and not walk bleary-eyed through the airport.

Forgetting to carry condoms -This is the common mistake committed by the honeymooners as they forget to take condoms on their honeymoon. This may occur due to a simple oversight or because of exhausting and hectic pace of wedding ceremonies. You need adequate sex protection if you don't want to get pregnant immediately post marriage.

Compromising on accommodations - Well you may act miser with saving money on accommodations, but definitely not on your honeymoon as it is the most special trip of your life. It is better to book a deluxe room so that you don't end up repenting whole your life that you should have made your honeymoon special and stayed in a deluxe room by spending a little more.

Finalizing the honeymoon budget - It saves you from lot of hassles if you plan your budget beforehand and reach an agreement about where you will splurge money and where you skimp and keep purse strings tied as if it will save you from monetary hassles en route and not spoil your trip.

Allowing one partner to take all responsibility of the planning - Since the honeymoon is special for both the partners so it is better if both participate equally in planning for the trip. If things go wrong, both can share the responsibility rather than leaving the planning partner feeling guilty and dissatisfied.

Ignoring economical tour and travel packages - It is always good to seek help of a trustworthy travel agent. Many tour and travel companies offer special packages for honeymooners. You will not only enjoy your trip hassle-free but also save money.

Not planning ways to spend time together - It will make your honeymoon very special indeed if you make planning for some other activities to indulge in during your honeymoon. It will not only enrich your experiences but also help you both discover your similar tastes.

Keeping silent about your honeymoon status - It is extremely useful if you tell in advance about your honeymoon status while making reservations with cruise liners, hotels or restaurants. It will guarantee you lot of special treatment which will make your stay more special.

Relying on family and friends - Do take advice of family and friends who have been in similar situations but follow your own interests. Just don't get over influenced by others as each person has different likes and dislikes and you have to make plans according to our likes.

Not consulting a travel agent- An experienced travel agent will guide you to make plans for a special honeymoon just for the two of you and also at an affordable price keeping in mind our budget limitations.

  • Things to Remember to Pack

  • Enough fine undergarment to cover your trip

  • Sun hat, scarves or bandannas

  • Beach shoes or flip flops

  • Sarongs, cover ups, beach bag and sun glasses

  • Flat shoes for walking, dressy shoes for evenings

  • Jeans and plain shirts or t shirts for city excursions

  • Little black dress for dinners and nights out

  • Accessories - scarves, belts and costume jewellery

  • Electrical equipment - straighteners, tongs, hair-dryers, Lady Shave, adapters and chargers

  • Holiday documentation, passports, insurance documents, travel itinerary.

  • Medical supplies and contraception

  • Digital camera, camcorder, mobile phone, batteries and chargers.

  • Cosmetics and toiletries


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