25 Tips for the Bride before her wedding

Here, we will give some tips for the bride as she prepares for the most important day of her life. But these have to be started at least 2-3 months prior to the wedding day:

01. In case you are suffering from a chronic acne/pimple problem or any other skin problem, consult a doctor before you seek the help of a beautician since the main cause of acne and pimples is related to unhygienic habits and poor digestion.

02. Make sure to drink at least 10 glasses of water each day. Water is a great diuretic as it cleanses the skin of the bride and makes it glow with health and shine. It also melts the body fat by flushing out the fat deposits called cellulite, improves digestive system and also helps in getting rid of dark circles under eye, thus improving your overall health and looks.

03. The bride should take care of her diet and focus on eating well. It is advised to include fruits, juices and vegetables in your daily diet. It is believed that oranges and tomatoes are good for the skin so the bride should drink juice of orange/tomato as it provides the daily dose of Vitamin C which is essential for healthy and glowing skin.

04. It is advised not to go out in the sun and avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

05. Make a daily routine of skin care by using natural products such as honey, besan, curd, haldi and lime juice for cleansing the face and neck. Oily skin can be treated with a face pack containing haldi, lemon juice and besan. After washing the face, one should apply it on face and neck and then leave it for 20 minutes to dry. Thoroughly wash the face with plain water and a gentle face wash to reveal a glowing skin.

06. After returning home from hectic trips of shopping, ensure that you wash your face with a mild herbal soap to cleanse off the grime and dust and also apply soothing sandalwood paste on it.

07. Stay away from oily, deep-fried and junk foods at least for three months before your wedding day.

08. Take multi-vitamins supplements and also apply oil in hair every alternate day followed by a gentle massage.

09. Honey and cinnamon is good for treating the problem of rough skin. Apply a paste of these ingredients and leave it on the skin for 20 minutes to dry before washing it off with water. It will tone up the skin making it glow.

10. A mixture of Haldi and red sandalwood powder is helpful in removing marks and scars left by acne and pimples on the skin. Apply the paste on face and keep it on for 30 minutes before washing it off with water.

11. In order to bring shine to hair, apply paste of amla, reetha, shikakai, henna, honey and egg white on the hair and leave for 30-40 minutes. You will see your hair bouncing and shining exquisitely.

12. In case you are suffering from the problem of dandruff then you can blend lime juice with the above given mixture.

13. It is important to exercise and walking daily for at least 10 minutes will boost your metabolism and also keep you alert and active.

14. Make bookings with the beautician of your choice well in advance so that he/she can plan your beauty regimen in time.

15. It is good to get a facial treatment monthly so that your skin tones up well.

16. Decide on your wedding hair style and makeup in consultation with your beautician. It must be chosen keeping in mind that it will look good in pictures as well. You may even get a trial hair styling and make up session before the D-Day.

17. Foundation is major part of make up and one should decide on the foundation by matching it with oneís skin tone and one should not forget to apply it on the neck, hands and exposed backside as well.

18. The bride should keep the Mehendi on her hands and feet for at least 2-3 hours until the time it is completely dry. After that scrape if off softly but donít wash it off with water for around 24 hours so that you get the rich colour of henna.

19. Rub olive oil on the cuticles on the nails to make them soft, supple and strong. Also use a file to give shape to nails.

20. Donít go overboard with makeup on your wedding day. It is better to keep it natural and enhancing your personality. One must use waterproof makeup so that it does not smudge.

21. If the wedding is during the night, it helps to add shimmer to the makeup to enhance beauty.

22. Apply mild perfume/ deodorant on the wedding day.

23. Donít feel camera shy rather pose and smile confidently for your pictures.

24. If your wedding dress comprises of a sari then it is advisable that you learn the art of tying your sari. It is good to practice beforehand wearing the sari with high heels and all the wedding jewellery aso that you can walk confidently in it.

25. If you are planning to wear cosmetic lenses in your eyes on your wedding day, then you must get used to them well ahead of the D-Day.

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