Planning what could be the happiest day of your life requires creative input from both partners and any family members and friends you've decided to include in the planning, and also rigorous preparations to make sure the day goes smoothly. Wedding planning can be a wonderful part of life but it can also be very challenging and stressful. Indeed, you can be assured that some plans won't go as you'd like them to, so plan for that eventuality too! The key is to stay organized, to stick to a budget and to give yourself plenty of time to achieve everything.






1   Announce your  Engagement/ Roka/Saggai date & time    
2   Select Venue for Engagement    
3   Create Close Relative & Friend List     
4   Book Caters, Photographer, DJ, Sweets    
5   Book/Arrange transportation of Engagement Party    
6   Book Pandit    
7   Purchases Engagement Rings    
8   Select Dress    
9   Gift for Bride/Groom, Father/Mother, Brother/Sister or Close Relative    
10   Purchases Fruit & Sweets    


1   Start a notebook/file folder for wedding planning    
2   Choose a wedding date    
3   Choose pre-wedding dates for other programs like sagan/music night    
4   Select wedding type - formal/informal, big/small    
5   Select a color scheme for wedding (optional)    
6   Finalize budget    




  Finalize 3 guest list      
  a) 100% sure guest    
  b) 50% sure guest    
  c) 10% sure guest    
8   Make Venue Booking as per your budget / availability    
  a) Hotel    
  b) Banquet    
  c) Farm Houses    
  d) Parks     
  e) Clubs    
  f) Social Community Center/ Dharamshala    
9   Apply for passports/visas for Honeymoon    
10   Book Railwayticket/Airticket/Car/Hotel for Honeymoon    
11   Book Photographer/Videographer    
12   Finalize Food/Catering menu (You can select from    
13   Book Caters    
14   Book appointments with beautician / mehndi     
15   Book Band/Ghodi/Shehani/Dhol/Palki    
16   Book Performer like singers, instrumental orchetra (Optional)    
17   Menu for welcome/breakfast/lunch/dinner/cocktail hours for guest    
18   Book Cook/Waiter/Driver for 2-3 days as per requirement    
19   Book DJ/Light/Power Backup    
20   Book Flowers    
21   Book Pandit    
22   Book transportation for Wedding Day    
23   Design and print formal invitation card / website    
24   Book Jewelry    
25   Mail & Address invites    
26   Confirm numbers to caterer    
27   Purchase bride's/groom dress/shoes/accessories    
28   Update wedding website with events    
29   Register for gifts    
30   Ensure family hotel reservations are completed    
31   Confirm all booking    
32   Schedule dental appointment/whitening    
33   Book dance classes    
34   Book appointment for final hair cut and color    
35   List of must-play (and must not play) songs    
36   Plan where to dress on the day    
37   Complete Bride Bags    
38   Finalize seating plans    
39   Pack clothes & Gifts    
40   Assign responsibilities for people at the wedding    
41   Confirm transportation ceremony/reception    
42   Enjoy your special day!    
43   Update Wedding Photograph on Website.

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